Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pharmacy Hack: Immunization Band Aid Hack


Here's an idea which makes it a lot easier dealing with flu shots and band aids this time of year.

Have band aids ready with one side of the band aid uncovered and ready to stick.

Ask patient to hold up their loosely-fitting, short sleeve shirt. (It never hurts to hope, right?)

Swab the patient's arm where you're going to administer the shot.

Place the band aid half-way on as shown. This helps you remember where you're going to give the shot when you look away to grab the syringe.

Administer shot. 

(Please note that is is a demonstration only... and I'm not wearing gloves. I know you're supposed to wear gloves.)

By the way, I've found that people appreciate it if you don't just jab it in quickly. That hurts more than if you just insert the needle slowly. It also seems to help if you squeeze the arm where you're giving the shot. Maybe it doesn't really matter, but people come back to see me for shots much more than they see my pharmacy partner Mickey the jabber.

Toss syringe into Sharpes container. Flip the rest of the band aid over. Presto! You're done!


Anonymous said...

I prefer the jab quick injection method, sting less to me....when I am a patient receiving the vaccine

pharmacy tech license said...

interesting stuff!

Unknown said...

Good advice! I've always had trouble with the band aids and I've ended up re-swabbing when I've forgotten where I was. Both problems solved!