Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Borg Lady

This lady drops off a prescription. The entire time she's on her cell phone. I think it might actually be glued to her ear. Because she's on the cell phone she didn't hear me tell her it would be a 15 minute wait. She just stands there in the middle of the aisle staring at me while she's talking on her Borg implant. She's no where near our drop off window or pick up window or "wait here for patient privacy" sign. She's just out there, in the open, yapping away and staring at me.

I fill her prescription quickly because I can tell she's a potential complaint and gift card candidate. I finish filling the prescription and start heading toward the register. Another lady walks up to the pick up window (after all, no one is standing there, and from her perspective it is completely reasonable to expect that she's next in line). You would think the Borg lady wouldn't have an issue. She's been told it is going to be 15 minutes and I'm clearly way under that, she's on some important call talking about who knows what, and she'll be out of here lickity-split, right?


She belts out at the other lady, "I'm next! I've been waiting in line!" all the while plastered to her cell phone.

The other lady looks at me, looks around, can't figure out how she cut in line (when she actually didn't) and sheepishly apologizes and moves aside.

I check out the Borg witch. I try to counsel her on the medication. She pretends to hear me with fake nods. She walks off, still embroiled in her conversation.

All I can do is shake my head. There are no words.


Abigail Cashelle said...

Did she come back to yell at you (or your manager) later because she didn't understand how to take the medication? I had two people do that to me today. (I'm a cashier now at retail chain.) Ummm, if you hadn't had picked up your phone and started a phone call when you saw that I got to you and started ringing up your stuff, you would have known how I bagged things or taken a note of what you had done with the receipt or known that we stopped processing your transaction because we had to double-check the price on an item or known that the manager was actually standing right there rolling his eyes at you because you had no idea what was happening. Oh, and thanks for just leaving your credit card with me unattended for five minutes. That was a fantastic idea... not.

Anonymous said...

yes there are words. : After you complete your call I can ring you up and counsel you. Next in line!"