Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Casino Conundrum

I've blogged about Levaquin Lady several times. She's still around, getting her regimen of Levaquin 750mg twice daily. I've decided her doctor works for the CIA or something and she's part of some superbug experiment to eliminate extraneous voters. Seriously, though, I'd like to say this is going to turn our well, but it's not. You can't just keep giving someone Levaquin for YEARS and not have something awful happen.

Last December, Levaquin Lady's son was in to pick up their round of Levaquin along with some other medications and was singing the blues about their lack of money with Christmas just around the corner. Oh please, Mr. Pharmacist man, can't you do something? You remember the story. Here's a LINK to it.

Later I found out Levaquin Lady was sporting a new hairdo from an expensive salon and admitted to paying for it herself. Today her son admitted that they go to the casino all the time.


Yes, I heard him correctly. They can't afford their medication and beg for better deals from the pharmacy, BUT they have money for expensive salon visits and casino trips. You know what, I'll let the salon visit go. Maybe that was a one-time thing and a little confidence booster for someone needing a lift. But continued visits to the casino and asking for rock bottom prices at the pharmacy?


Anonymous said...

Please tell me the next story about your Levaquin Lady involves you cutting them off and calling them out.


Anonymous said...

Here you can report people like that to the department of children and families. You should look into it and see if they have somewhere to report abuse or suspected fraud.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that an abx? Not something you can get high from.

CG said...

Her stomach must be a mess. Antibiotics give me all sorts of uhem, female problems along with a crabby stomach.

Don said...

Surely they could just pay for their meds with some of their vast casino winnings?