Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What would YOU do for Nookie?

I have her figured out now. But it wasn't so much fun before then.

We have a patient named Nookie. Bummer of a name, I'm sure. But anyway when Nookie calls and a new tech talks to her things rapidly deteriorate. Nookie has a habit of calling on the phone and asking "Which of my medications is ready?"

Before we had her figured out, we would look on the computer and see that no, none of her prescriptions are "ready." To us that means they're filled and "ready for pick up." But that's not what it means to Nookie. What she really means to ask is, "Which of my medications may be refilled today?" In essence, she means what's "ready" to fill today. So when someone new tells her we don't have anything "ready" she gets mad and demands to talk to the pharmacist, which is usually me.

This has been an issue with every floater or new technician when she calls. Oh, I've tried to tell Nookie our pharmacy terminology which actually makes perfect logical sense but she's not going to change her language for us. So every month if someone answers the phone that doesn't know her it's the same thing all over again.

Here's the worse part. She always calls from the parking lot. She wants to know what could be filled between the time she leaves her car and walks to the pharmacy in the back of Goofmart Grocery. I'm aware of this too and I've felt like telling her that nothing is ready to be filled in five minutes... but then there's that whole written warning thing with The Authorities hanging over my head. So I just fill the scripts as fast as I can. 

I do it for Nookie.

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