Monday, July 21, 2014

Magic Mike

Magic Mike is an immigrant.

He's here from another country, and for some reason our country gives people who immigrate here special treatment. Mike is on state-funded Medicaid and gets all his medications FREE (to him). And he's on a bunch of them, all taxpayer-funded. You, me, and our children all pay for this. That's ok. I'm sure that someone smarter than all of us have decided Magic Mike really needs us to pay for these medications. 

I don't know... someone might ask why WE have to pay for all these medications when Magic Mike constantly makes visits to his home country (on the other side of the globe, I might add) but somehow can't pay for his own medication. But not me! I don't ask those questions anymore because people think I'm picking on Medicaid patients. Oh it's a valid question, but not me, I won't ask it.

Magic Mike has an American girlfriend. She pays for her medications because she is not on Medicaid and has a job. Oh, did I mention that Magic Mike doesn't have a job? Why doesn't he get a job? Because he's not "well enough" (his words) to get a job. Oh, he's well enough to travel but not well enough to get a job. But who knows all the details there anyway.

One day Magic Mike had to come in and pay for his girlfriend's medications... and that's when he started in on ME. Oh he waxed eloquent on how he never had to pay for medication in his socialist country and how it's just awful that his sweet ailing girlfriend has to pay for her medication here in this heartless pharmacy. Oh, Mr. RxMan, can't YOU do something to help Magic Mike's girlfiend?

I told him there wasn't anything I could really do...

And then he cut me off and started ranting and raving on how we're taking advantage of his girlfriend (despite the fact that I told him her insurance sets the co-pay,. not us) and how we should be ashamed of ourselves and how this would never happen in his home country... blah blah blah.

I told him again... there's really nothing I could do about it. 

Magic Mike stared at me for about 30 seconds, pulled out a gold American Express card, paid for her meds, and left.



Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience where a man from the middle east had emigrated here and was getting an rx for amoxicillin. When I told him how much it would be, he went into how it was much cheaper in his home country! I had to bite my tongue to remind him that I think the planes and boats go both ways.

Anonymous said...

Sure he can get amoxicillin for free over there. he can also get his head cut off for not agreeing with the government there. Ill take my chances with the us system thank you very much.

iratecanadianpharmacist said...

happens to me all the time with european clients. Then I ask them if life was so good there why did they come here

Anonymous said...