Thursday, January 29, 2015

The TMI train... All Aboard!

One time a lady presented with two prescriptions from urgent care: Flagyl and Diflucan. Normally people keep their thoughts to themselves but this lady immediately informs me it was for her "smelly vagina" -- says she got "something nasty" from the boyfriend who is "always scratching" his stuff "down there" -- she wanted to know why he doesn't smell bad too. He says he doesn't smell bad because it's not from him.

Whoo whoo! All aboard on the TMI TRAIN today! Next stop: Disinfection Station!

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Anonymous said...

Lol I always thought a person's shame was cut by 50% when in the presence of a medical professional.

A shy person will be reluctant but eventually admit their problem only to those who absolutely need to know.

A normal person will typically just spit it out but keep some sort of tact and decency about them.

However a person who normally has no shame dips into the frightening negative levels and you end up with situations like this.