Thursday, January 8, 2015

Your kidding, Right?

The last tech leaves for the day and I'm left to face the rest of Monday alone. It was particularly brutal this Monday and I'm tired, sore, and burned out. Did I mention I was tired?

7:00 pm ~ Mr. Kripp, a regular of ours drops, off four prescriptions, including a C-2 which requires special handling at Goofmart Pharmacy. I tell him 20 minutes when I really needed 40 minutes. I have a mother lode of work to catch up on and four transfers as well.

7:08 pm ~ Mr. Kripp walks up to the counter and asks if the prescriptions are ready to pick up.

I'm without words. Seriously. What color is the sky in Mr. Kripp's world?

I really hate Mondays.

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