Monday, August 3, 2015

Sunday Fun down on the Pharm

Yesterday at the pharmacy...

A lady appears at the drop off window. I like people that drop off at the correct spot. She hands me 16 prescriptions. I'm not kidding... 16 prescriptions. This usually happens in a post MI situation. Doctors sometimes get a little carried away, and a lot of the time they try to write these prescriptions using only a few prescription blanks. Apparently they didn't get a good deal from Dunder Mifflin or something.

Hey prescribers... by the way... it's a LOT EASIER for the pharmacist if you'll put only ONE prescription on ONE blank. Please? Pretty please?

Anyway, I tell her that it will be awhile. That's not unreasonable. She just handed me 16 prescriptions, right? So I go to work on the pile...

I SWEAR TO YOU... she came back in TEN minutes asking if they were ready to pick up. TEN FREAKING MINUTES!


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Anonymous said...

You mean you left your magic wand at home on Sunday? I HATE when that happens!