Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Summer of George

You remember George Castanza's "Summer of George," right?

This summer at my pharmacy it's been the "Summer of Colonoscopies." MoviPrep, GoLytely, Half-Lytely and the rest of them having been flying out the door. For some reason, doctors here like to do these tests in the summer. Fun fun fun.

And what's up with that MoviPrep stuff anyway? The name gives you the idea something fun is about to happen -- like you're being prepped to see a movie! Sure, you go right on thinking that. The only movie you're going to see is a movie called "Colon Blow" starring Mr. Brown.

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Anonymous said...

I work for a colorectal surgeon who is in very high demand, and is notorious for running at least 1-2 hours behind schedule. I hear the depicted joke at least 5 times every day.