Monday, September 14, 2015

Why I absolutely HATE Lawyers

"It would just be easier and cheaper if you went ahead and paid the amount in the lawsuit."

That's what HE said to me.

HE being the lawyer representing my mortgage company. Back in 2010, I purchased a piece of property, following all the rules as mandated by local laws, such as paying for inspections and a title search.

I signed the papers and received a deed. I paid the monthly payment, including property taxes, month after month... and then one day in April, there's a knock on the door.

It's a process server, giving me a summons. I was stunned. What is this about? I look at the papers. I'm being sued, as well as my mortgage company, by some unknown company that had purchased the debt from the state for back taxes owed on the property.

A week later I get a phone call from a local ball-washing bastard representing the mortgage company. He's telling me that the company was given the summons and that the amount, some $5,000, was going to be passed on to me in one way or another.

I was told that the company would pay the lawsuit but then would turn around and sue me for the balance. Then I'm told it would just be easier if I went ahead and paid it all now.

I told that creep that I paid all my taxes. I told that creep that in this state, you can't buy property without a title search. Since I was given a clear title, SOMEONE made a big mistake. I asked him how he slept at night trying to coerce people in that fashion.

"I sleep very well, thank you," he told me. I have no doubt. For when you're a lawyer, your brains instantly turn into a cow pie and you are no longer human.

So I had to hire my own lawyer and pay money to find out that no one paid the taxes for the first half of 2010. I purchased the property in July, 2010. The title company found out about the taxes, told the mortgage company, and they paid it thinking it was for the second half of 2010. Basically a whole bunch of people screwed up.

And here I am, working my butt off every day in the trenches of pharmacy. If I screwed up like that in my job, someone would die. But I don't screw up because I pay attention to detail. And on that rare occasion when something does go wrong, I step up and take the blame for it. I don't try to get someone else to take the blame and pay the price.

You lawyers out there can all go burn in hell.


Anonymous said...

It's unfair to paint ALL lawyers with such broad strokes, but I do wonder how some defense attorneys sleep at night knowing with certainty that their clients are guilty of some heinous crime.

Anonymous said...

It's a lot of money. It's a major screw up on a lot of levels. I'd be upset. I'd be getting in touch with proper state agencies to see why this got missed. I'd get my state and local reps involved to grease the wheels at the state agencies.

Generalizations about a profession seems a bit trite. All pharmacists do is move pills from a big bottle to a small bottle, after all.

The situation is one I could feel sympathetic toward, but your attitude makes me think if it had to happen to someone it may as well be you.

You really come off as a cry baby.