Saturday, November 7, 2015

It was ALMOST a Review

Sometimes when you get older and have a midlife crisis, you buy a Corvette or a motorcycle. Others have affairs. Me, I buy stuff, but I can't afford a Corvette or a Harley. So I have to settle for the small stuff.

I found out that you can order little boxes of stuff that are sent to you every month. This blog post was going to review my recent arrival from GRAZE. It's a little box of goodies that comes every month.

So when the box came in, I set it aside. You know, I wanted to do some nice pictures and everything but didn't have time at the moment.

Later I looked at the box:

It says turn it over, so I do:

I open the box. I notice something wrong right away...

I'm supposed to get four goodies...

But there are only three:

And this is what happens when you have teenage boys in the home. If they're not eating it, they're wrecking it. I would like to give you a complete review of my Graze box, but it can't be a complete review because someone got into my box and stole my 4th treat.

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