Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Make SURE that's GENERIC!

We certainly have enough people that insist on having certain brands or manufacturers of a particular medication. We have the yellow-Norco seekers and brand Percocet and brand Valium people.

On the other side we have people, usually new to our pharmacy (but not always) that for some reason always wait until we've typed up the prescription and printed a label to tell us:

"Make SURE you use GENERIC!"

And when they say it, they squint their eyes every so slightly. It's a distrustful squint, like they've got it all figured out an just know you're going to screw them if you're given half a chance.

SURPRISE, people! Guess what?! We make MORE money using our preferred generics. We have no monetary reason to use brand unless there is no generic available. And if you're in a national chain grocery or other chain pharmacy like Wagmart, KameApart, Goofmart, WrongAid, or SVC pharmacy... the pharmacy is probably losing money on your prescription. We're the S&H Green Stamps, the loss leader, the ones that make no money (especially if you're on Medicaid) to get you into the store to spend money elsewhere. We have no reason to try and take advantage of you.


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