Thursday, May 19, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Don't Push Your Luck

"I'm here for my Lisinopril. I called you guys on Thursday. You were going to call the doctor."

"We faxed the doctor that day. We haven't heard back yet. We also have 'call when ready' noted on your file and we will call you when we have it ready."

"I'm going out of town. I'm short five tablets."

"Ok, I'll advance you five tablets."

"Well, can I have TEN, then? I don't want to stroke out on the slopes..."

People. <sigh>

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real drug store said...

stephen king said it this way... "beware the wrath of a patient man".

Anonymous said...

I got in trouble for telling a customer this:

Think of it this way. You are broke and for some reason you're going out of town for a vacation. Your paycheck won't be deposited until the end of the day. Do you storm over to your local bank and demand a few dollars to tide you over until your paycheck clears? That's pretty crazy, right? No one in their right mind would do that, right?

So why are you hassling my staff about 'wanting you to die' because we don't have YOUR Rx from YOUR doctor's office? Why do I need to give you free medication when you, once again, waited until the last minute to renew your Rx and once again, forgot to call YOUR doctor's office to followup? And before you start yelling again, yes, we sent a courtesy refill request over weeks ago.