Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Demotivational Hump Day... Counting Trays


Unknown said...

For something that I have worked so intimately with for many decades, it baffles the hell out of me why someone has not manufactured a high quality, well-designed (with end user input) counting tray. Instead we use these cheap, crappy give aways, or worse still, we actually pay for similar cheap crap from pharmacy supply vendors. That being said, the best design was the original teal-colored tray with a white Abbott logo on them - this was the most widely used counting tray for a LONG time. Any other freebies that came after were poorly designed variations - usually change for the sake of change. I can see why no one thinks there is a market for a quality product as pharmacists are some of the most under-paid professionals there are - granted there are some cheap-ass pharmacists, but really? No one thinks this would sell?

Anonymous said...

I hate the ones with a lip on the edge - keep it smooth so I can count faster :)

Pharm. Tech RDC'06