Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Things I Wonder About...

If you're already taking Percocet 10/325 six times a day for breakthrough pain not covered by your Fentanyl patch, do you really need that script for Oxycodone 5 from your dentist?

In reference to above... why is the dentist prescribing it?

If I open at 9am and the tech doesn't show up until 10:30, shouldn't I be the one to get to take a lunch break FIRST?

Cookies are not really a substitute for a good breakfast, are they?

If I tell you we can't process and fill your prescription until tomorrow, why do you show up right at opening time the next day thinking it will be ready?

If you're on Medicaid (because of low income), how are you able to pay hundreds of dollars for medication (usually narcotics) when Medicaid won't pay for it?

In reference to above, why are you driving a Lexus?

Why would anyone get anything other than Teriyaki chicken wings?

Why do you tell me your name when I ask for your birth date?

Why do you tell me your birth date when I ask for the birth date of the person you're dropping off a prescription for?

What compelled you to think I want to talk to anyone on your cell phone?

Why can't you freeze lettuce?

If you have a 14 day supply left on your Oxycodone script and you're "going on vacation" for 7 days, why do you need an early refill?

In reference to above... why do prescribers not think and wonder the same thing?

Why do people say nothing has changed on their prescription insurance and then pull out a new card after we have tried the old one and failed?

If you "just left" the doctor's office and know we need time to fill your prescription, why do you come by and "check in" anyway?

Why do most foods have so much salt in them?

In reference to above... are you trying to kill me?

Why are you Goofmart managers so completely afraid to discuss alternative options with your managers at corporate?

In reference to above... what flavor of Koolaide did they give you?

Why do prescribers write 1 tablet twice day for 7 days, quantity sufficient... is the math just too hard there?

Why do kids not like tomatoes? They're delicious.

Why do cats let you pet them for awhile then they go nuts and try to bite you?

Why do some drug names get rejected and changed because they're "similar" to other drugs when there's a bunch of drugs already on the shelf with similar names now?

Why do you wait until the transaction is completed before you try to put in your club card information?

If "Price Club" was named after a guy named "Price," does that mean there's a guy out there named "Cost" ?

Why do people listen to Screamo music? That stuff is crap.


Anonymous said...

I froze a head of lettuce once.

Anonymous said...

Well, when you freeze veggies and the cells rupture, there isn't enough structure to keep them relatively firm, like if you freeze carrots and other veggies. Just too much water in lettuce. Incidentally, if you make cabbage rolls, many recipes say to parboil the cabbage to make it soft enough to wrap around the rolls. You can also freeze it and get a better result, it's not as mushy and much easier to do than trying to roll a head a of cabbage around in a big pot of boiling water to get all sides.

When I was on assistance from the government, there were a couple meds that simply were not covered and I had to pay cash. I'd borrow the cash to pay for pain meds and the other meds that weren't covered, because if I didn't get them, I'd kill myself. I have a valid condition that is lifelong and now irreparable, just maintainable, and I've been on narcotics for a long long time. Responsible user though, never have asked for an early refill, get tested every time I see the pain doc, etc. If I were taken off meds because my doc's office got raided by the DEA or some such bullshit, I'd go buy a gun and shoot myself, that's how bad it is to live with the severe pain I have. So, yeah, I'd scrounge that money for narcotics not covered by medicaid even though I was also on food stamps.

As for cats biting, there are a few theories. They could be trying to control the situation because after a point they don't feel entirely safe and in charge. They can become over stimulated and bite to either say stop or just bite because of displacement, like when dogs are super excited when someone comes home and they grab a toy to carry around, it gives them a way to direct their excitement in an acceptable manner. Cats just don't behave that way, so they won't displace their over stimulation to a toy lying 20 feet away. And they may have just had enough, and their methods of letting you know can be really subtle and humans miss them a ton of the time, and by the time they've bitten you they've already tried to tell you. It's like how dogs growl as a warning. You do something they don't like, they can give a whine that leads to a growl and if you keep on going they say, "Hey moron I've told you many times, knock it off!" and give a bite.

Anonymous said...

OH, and I missed one. I once had really painful surgery, the kind that leaves you in bed for a few weeks with limited movement before you can even start to think straight. Though being on a solid level of narcotics including fentanyl, the pain was overwhelming. My surgeon gave me 10 days of extra pain meds, suspecting I'd need them (he was well aware of my current meds and pain contract). After 3 days of no sleep, no food, barely able to drink water, we called my pain specialist and he Ok'd the extra drugs. The previous surgery of this type I passed out twice at home from the pain, the got some extra drugs. The surgery before that, I was hospitalized for a week simply because I was insensate from pain. I remember none of that week, only the first day when the pain fully hit after the surgical anesthesia wore off, one day I was shaken awake by my GP to check on me, he was so worried he came in twice daily to see me, and I remember the last day. More minor surgeries I've had I haven't needed extra medication.

I probably wouldn't do it for a minor dental procedure, but I've had stuff done where I needed to be under general to have it done. That was borderline for me, I couldn't sleep for 4 days because of pain and I was starting to have medical problems from sleep deprivation. Next time I'd ask for a couple days of meds.

tbunni said...

Don't have all the answers, just a few:

Cookies ARE a good substitute for breakfast, if you usually eat crappy sweet cereal - they may actually be healthier (I love raisin & oatmeal cookies.)

And you CAN freeze lettuce. You just don't want to eat it afterwards.

I have a question for you:

I went to pick up my prescription refill - new checkout person, old rx. Gave my name when she asked, spelled it. Said she couldn't find me. Gave date of birth. Still couldn't find me. Handed her my driver's license. She told me I had given her a different first name.
Why, for goddess's sake, would I do that? My rx is under MY name. I want MY rx. WTF?!? And I had even spelled it. She got my patented "are you nuts?" look when I left. I dunno. People.