Thursday, February 2, 2017

If you're going to See Alice, you better have Cialis

1:39 pm ~ Mr. Limp appears at the pick up window (why can't people get it right?) with a prescription for Viagra and Cialis. He also has coupon information on his swell smartphone. (I'm beginning to understand why police officers don't care to see that you have proof of insurance on your phone).

We bring Mr. Limp down to the drop off window. We get Mr. Limp's info, type in the prescriptions, and badda bing, they're not covered. the cash price is more than he wants to pay.

Mickey the pharmacy manager tells him we might have more luck with his insurance if he gets the doctor to write a prescription for the 5mg Cialis. Mr. Limp rushes off to make the call.

2:00 pm ~ Mickey leaves for the day.

2:14 pm ~ Mr. Limp calls to tell us that his doctor will be calling in a prescription for Cialis 5mg. This is so not helpful.

2:16 pm ~ Unknown to the pharmacy staff, the doctor leaves a voicemail for the Cialis 5mg. There are no bells and whistles. The only thing we get is a tiny red light indicating a message is waiting.

2:17 pm ~ Mr. Limp calls AGAIN to ask if we got the message. I see the red light and tell him I'll call him back if the message is about his prescription.

2:18 pm ~ I get the message off the phone. I have to rewind several times because YOU FREAKING DOCTORS WON'T SLOW DOWN WHEN YOU LEAVE A MESSAGE.

2:18 pm ~ While I'm on the phone, Mr. Limp calls and the tech puts him on hold.

2:19 pm ~ I get on the phone with Mr. Limp and try to process the Cialis 5mg on the fly. It is also not covered. Thanks, Mickey. So I tell the guy the cash price for 10 tablets. He agrees and we hang up.

2:23 pm ~ I'm NOT KIDDING... Mr. Limp is at the drop off window (nothing learned about the previous encounter) asking for his prescription of Cialis.

(And no, he wasn't on his way to the airport or headed out of town.) 

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Anonymous said...

When did pharmacy get lumped into fast food?

Point me towards the MBA, master of the universe scumbag that thought of it and I'll smack him (or her) upside the head.