Friday, February 24, 2017

New Directive from Upper Management

Since we continue to operate at reduced tech hours and in some cases WITHOUT tech help of any kind, The Authorities have decided that we will no longer call pharmacy misfills as "errors" or "mistakes."

They're just "happy accidents!"


Ms. Donna said...

And what will they call a pt. dying after one of the "happy accidents?"

Anonymous said...

'acceptable loss'

I'm telling you, our corporate overlords could give two $h!t$ about our patients. After all their important meetings with Wall St fatcats and management consultant nitwits, they think it is better to turn a profit than to spend that extra money to make sure error rates are as close to zero as possible. They figure, an accidental death here, a lawsuit there, and presto! They make their annual bonus.

Welcome to the new reality that is retail pharmacy. Profit is paramount. Everything else is a distant second.

Greedy a$$hole$


May I help who's next?

Anonymous said...

What about a strike? Push this issue to the front page. Any stats on injuries & deaths would help your cause.