Saturday, February 11, 2017

You'd Think I'd Get It By Now

It's Super Bowl Sunday!

The Crazy RxMan drew the short straw and gets to work, alone, with no tech. There won't be much business down at Goofmart Pharmacy, but I still have to be there to dispense the Z-packs and Promethazine with Codeine scripts the Urgent Careless is going to send us.

We get a lot of questions at the Goofmart... mostly grocery questions... things a pharmacist shouldn't have to know but I've learned from working here. Why the hell I know where we keep the sardines is beyond me, but I know, and can tell people when they ask. And they do ask, because who better to ask than the pharmacist, right?

"Where's the alcohol?"

For some reason on Super Bowl Sunday I kept getting people asking me where we keep the alcohol, and I kept telling them in aisle six next to the first aid items. And every time I'd get a funny look and the person would rush off.

It was only after the third person that asked that I realized what they were really asking for... ALCOHOL!

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