Monday, September 25, 2017


My older son and I went to see the movie It. I read the book many years ago, saw the TV series as well, but wanted to see this remake. We were both excited to see It. 

Before I get to my rant, though, I want to tell you a funny story about going to the movies one time. Back in 1996 or 1997 they re-released Star Wars with some updated scenes and enhancements. My friend and I wanted to have a guys' night out and see the new version.

We went on a weeknight at a really quiet, hidden theatre in Snootyville. When we entered the theatre, I saw that there were only two people in the entire theatre waiting to see the movie.

I told my friend "let's have fun with this" so he followed me as we sat in the two seats directly in front of these people. We waited about 30 seconds while they looked around to see that we had the entire place to choose from and sat directly in front of them. 

The guy spit out "Really? You have the entire theatre and you sat directly in front of us?" Then we burst into laughter and told them it was just a joke and we moved. It's just another example of the crazy humor of the Crazy RxMan. 

Back to the rant. There's several things I've never understood in my life. I could probably write a book about all the things that really don't make sense to me... not things that I don't have the knowledge or wisdom to understand (there's plenty of that), but things that simply don't make sense.

Close to the top of the list must be people that talk in the movie theatre. You're in a room full of people and you're adding your dialogue to the movie, or commenting on what's happening, or you just simply won't shut up.

And that's what happened with my son an I. The theatre wasn't crowded. There were plenty of seats. Yet these two millennials decided that the best place to sit was close to my son and I. They talked all during the opening credits. I've had people do that before, but then they shut up when the movie starts. Not these two. A steady stream of loud talking started, along with the loud crinkling sound of the packaging of whatever movie treat they chose to purchase.

Within minutes my son and I decided to move to another part of the theatre. We were mostly out of ear shot but I could still hear that damn treat crinkling. But I still don't get it. Are people completely unaware that they're in a situation where they should be quiet? Libraries and movie theatres are places where people should be quiet, right? But these two weren't getting it.

I truly fear for the future when people don't have the common decency or politeness to keep their damn mouths shut during a movie. Rudeness like that makes me feel like this:


Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Years ago, my husband and I went to see Tom Hank's movie "Castaway." It was filmed and produced without any additional music, just the natural sounds of the ocean, etc. The theater was packed and we were lucky enough to be seated in front of mom and her super curious 7 year old boy. That damn kid yapped thru the entire movie... "Mom, why is he doing that?" Mom, "What he doing now?", Mom, do you think he is afraid?", etc. etc. Despite me turning around numerous times and giving them "the look" and then finally numerous times asking them to be quiet...yakky kid just kept it up. At the end of the movie, as we were all filing out, I told mom that if her precious darling cannot clam up, then he is not ready to go to the "big people movies" and they should just stay home and watch videos. She said that he was "just a boy" and had every right to ask questions all through the movie. It almost came to a fist fight.
Any suggestions on how to handle such a situation?

tbunni said...

Duct tape. Mom first.