Monday, September 4, 2017

Those Were the Days

The other day I'm waiting in line here in Snootyville. I'm patient and waiting my turn. In front of me is a tall black dude in his mid twenties. He's dressed like he should be in a Hollywood night club, not boring old Snootyville.

He's patiently waiting his turn too so I figure he must not be from Snootyville. People don't like waiting in Snootyville, or at least not at the Goofmart Pharmacy.

So then the dude's cell phone rings. Out of all the possible stereotype ringtones you'd think would be on this cell phone, this is what I heard:

After a couple more calls with different people I realized it wasn't a specific ringtone for a specific caller. It was the same ringtone for all of them. He must be a big fan of Herbert Hoover, Archie Bunker, the LaSalle, and Glen Miller. 

As for me, I'm never going with any stereotypes ever again.

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