Monday, April 2, 2018

An April Prank at the Goofmart?

"I guess we're not opening the pharmacy today?" I said to the subcommander at the front of the grocery.

"What do you mean?" he replies.

"I can't get into the pharmacy. The waiting room is completely full of boxes and I can't get to the door."

He walks back to the pharmacy with me. Sure enough, just as I said, the entire waiting room is full of boxed product from floor to ceiling. Canned fruits and vegetables, canned fish and meats, hot and cold syrups, Post Toasties, Corn Flakes, Sugar Puffs, Rice Krispies, Oatmeal... and Cream of Wheat. My waiting room has become a warehouse, and what's more, the subcommander was entirely unaware of it.

He gets a couple of clerks to clear a path to the door so I can get the pharmacy open. Then they work on getting everything OUT of the pharmacy waiting room and to the back warehouse.

I asked later and no one, NO ONE seems to know ANYTHING on how, why, or what happened.

Some mysteries are better left unsolved, I guess.

BONUS POINTS to identify the Easter Egg... what movie reference is hidden is this blog post?


Kurt said...

The Shining...

Envy said...

Now we got dried peaches, dried apricots, dried raisins and dried prunes. You know, Mrs. Torrance, you gotta keep regular if you want to be happy!

Anonymous said...

Unsolved Mysteries hosted by Robert Stack.