Monday, July 30, 2018

I'm Trying a New Tactic

Ring... ring...

Crazy RxMan: "Thank you for calling Goofmart Pharmacy where you can get the new Shingles shot when we get it back in stock. How may I help you?"

Lady: "I was calling to see if my Losartan is ready for pick up."

<click, clack, tap tap on the computer>

Crazy RxMan: "Yes, we filled it. It's on the shelf and ready for pick up."

Lady: "So it's ready to pick up?"

Crazy RxMan: "No."

Lady: "But you just said it's ready to pick up?"

Crazy RxMan: "Yes, I did."

Lady: "So why did you say it's not ready to pick up?"

Crazy RxMan: "Why did you ask me twice?"

Lady: <silence>

Crazy RxMan: <silence>

Lady: "Ok, I'll come in and get it."



Robert Culp said...

I do that with my kids.
They were in their teens when I started.
Every time they ask a question I've already answered I reverse the answer.

Jade said...

Good idea ! Will try that with my kids and in my classes...!