Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Oh, Nothing Interesting Today

Nothing terribly interesting has happened in the world of pharmacy over the past several days, so I have nothing to blog about today. 

Anda called to ask if we need anything. I'm still curious why they have to tell us they're calling from a recorded line each time they call. It's kinda annoying.

The vast majority of people continue to wait until Monday to request their refill requests. Oh, I've tried to tell them Saturday and Sunday are best because we're a lot less busy and calling on Monday increases our workload, but based on the fact that they keep doing it I'm fairly certain they could care less.

As far as weekend patrons go, it seems that at our location there's only two times on Saturday and Sunday when people want to do their pharmacy business... right at opening and then again just before closing. We're open the entire week, but let's rush down to the pharmacy just before closing on Sunday night to pester the pharmacist. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I also get way, way too many people that think that just because they request a refill from a physician on the weekend that their request will be granted. Oh, I've tried to tell them that most physicians won't see the request until Monday, but a lot of people will call on Sunday afternoon: "Did you hear back from my doctor?" they will ask. 

Oh, there's a good portion that realize that most physicians take the weekend off, but then there's those who will call thirty minutes after opening on Monday. "Did my doctor call in my refill yet?" Lady, I doubt your physician has even had his or her coffee yet. Jeez.

So enough griping. I'm also cat-sitting. This is Leo, helping me keep up with Twitter:

Leo is the only cat I know that can sleep with his paws in the air. It must be really uncomfortable, but when you're a kitten and you run out of energy and just fall asleep, you fall asleep.

It would be funny to find a pharmacist or tech lying on the floor at the pharmacy, so exhausted, that limbs are still suspended in the air. I have to tell you that I've felt that tired before. If you're a pharmacist or pharmacy tech, I'll bet you have too.


BB said...

Tuxedo cats, for some reason, love to sleep on their backs and show off their white tummy markings. A word of caution, don't be taken in and try to rub that pretty belly. They have claws and they know how to use them!

Anonymous said...

Well if nothing interesting is happening in your pharmacy then some other poor pharmacist is getting double dosed!

My fun started Monday with the wholesaler telling me I am over my monthly purchase limit of Lomotil, you know, because everybody is abusing that theses days..... Followed shortly thereafter by explaining to Dr. Pycho’s staff for the 3rd time that faxing a Concerta script is NOT ok, even if EVERY other pharmacy does it. Then came in new patient Oxy, stating he would be coming here from now on because Big Box Rx keeps telling him his Rxs are too early, joy!

Thankfully Tuesday must have been somebody else’s turn, I had a great day.