Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do doctors apologize when they make a mistake?

Not very often.  

The other day one of our regular patients asks for a refill on his medication, but it is out of refills.  As is customary, we fax a request to the doctor's office.

Later in the afternoon, we get a fax back. Written on the top of the page in big letters is "FRAUD!" Below that, "This is NOT our patient!  This is fraud!  I'm notifying the State Board!"

It was not April Fools day. This patient has seen this doctor many, many, MANY times for several years and has been prescribed the same medication for many, many, MANY years. So I go to our file, pull out the latest hand-written script from that doctor for that patient, tape it to the fax we received from the doctor, and fax it back on over.

The next day we get a refill Rx faxed over for the patient from the doctor. No apology, not a mention of the fax we received the day before... nothing... except the new Rx.

Doctors... gotta love 'em. So far, no call from the Board of Pharmacy either.

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