Friday, October 26, 2012

Doctors make the WORST patients

It's bad enough that patients show up with a fistful of prescriptions, hand them to you, and say they'll be back in ten minutes.  Yeah, right.  But then there's the doctors...  oh my, the doctors.  The ones that have a friend or colleague call in an Rx for them, or just show up at the counter and demand a Z-pack.  Then they act annoyed when you ask them to fill out a prescription form.  You see, they have the gift of the gods... the ability to give and take life, how dare YOU the pharmacist ask them to follow protocol.  How dare you ask them to wait a few minutes...  these are the same people that make their patients wait forever in the waiting room, then wait another forever in the examining room, only to be given 5-10 minutes of time for an examination.

I have one doctor who consistently prescribes Viagra for himself.  And by the quantity he's going through at age 36 I think he's out to set a new record or something.  I think he's a little embarrassed though because he's always wearing Unibomber sunglasses when he comes in.  Sometimes I've seen him out in the store with a fluffy little dog-- apparently that's great trolling material.  I'll let you know how that goes when I get my fluffy little dog.

But the one guy that really pisses me off is a fertility specialist.  He shows up at the craziest times demanding antibiotics then quibbles with me about the price.  The last time he was in I reminded him that he had the same antibiotic just recently.  He said it was ok, so I filled it.  Then after he paid he leans over the counter and says in a whisper, "It's for my wife..."  What?  Now you're lying to me?  Oh my gosh!  Get out of here!

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Unknown said...

When I worked for a chain I had a patient/doctor (surgeon) who would come in for his Viagra, b/p med, and Propecia. If we didn't use the stock bottles to fill them with the original seal intact he would bring them back. He would say things like "how do I know this medication wasn't tampered with" or some other crazy thing. The last day I worked at this chain I was not in the best of moods. So he came in and got his refills, I forgot about his neurosis and used our own bottles. Before I left for the day he came back and slammed the bottles on the counter demanding I speak to him. He started into his rant about tampering. I knew I would not have to deal with him again so I took the opportunity to return fire. I asked him what type of doctor he was, he responded "general surgeon". Upon hearing that I asked him what reassurance he gave his patients that he washed his hands before surgery and that the instrumants were sterile. This not only shut him up but I got a nice dear in the headlights look from him.