Sunday, October 21, 2012

No Confusion costs $40

Now this one is interesting...  I have a lady very upset we saved her $40 by switching her to generic Plavix. 

It's not an issue of therapeutic equivalence.  It's because the tablet looks identical to another medication she's taking and she doesn't want to get them mixed up.

She was very mad.

I give up.

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Amy said...

so I will admit that one time I was in a hurry and dumped out my morning fistful of meds. I thought I had taken my folic acid, but as I was sitting in church 30 minutes later I started to feel really loose and goofy, totally uncoordinated and loopy. When I got home I folic acid was almost identical to the cyclobenzaprine. I had taken 20 mg of a muscle relaxer and went to church all effed up! I keep them separated now and pay more attention to what I am doing!