Friday, October 18, 2013

Stalk like a PRO

Uh.. the Crazy RxMan is thinking these will be purchased mostly by creepers that go to the park or beach and scam on scantily clad females... but I guess there's a market for that, right? Here's the ad from the website... promoting it for BIRD watching.

I guess I wouldn’t call myself a birdwatcher, but there are quite a few interesting creatures hanging out around my house, most notably a very noisy Woody-Woodpecker type bird that startles me awake each and every morning, believing someone is firing an automatic weapon at my house. I’d love to get some pictures of that bird, but I always seem to miss the “moment”

Well, Sony has an answer to some of those missed wildlife moments, or even some of that quick sports action that usually passes you by… Check out Sony’s DEV-50V new, smaller, lighter, and weatherproof HD digital recording binoculars. This second generation of binoculars not only gives you excellent viewing, they also give you the ability to to take HD video with stereo sound, or snap 20.4 megapixel stills with just the touch of a button, and low light is no problem!

The DEV-50V is actually 30% lighter than the old models and includes splash and dust resistance, so a little inclement weather shouldn’t rain on your parade. The DEV-50V has a variable zoom that allows you to zero in on your “target” with a magnification range of up to 25X and it utilizes a new Hyper Gain function which electronically increases brightness in your viewfinder, so you can locate and frame things even in dim conditions.

These binoculars also have an electronic autofocus, so theres no need to manually focus, like with your old low tech binoculars, and it keeps things sharp even if they’re moving. Yes, the DEV-50V has geo-tagging capability and it lets you record scenes in awesome 3-D! I love it! The new DEV-50V digital recordable binoculars from Sony will be available in June for about $2000. Yikes! I might have to save up some cash, but rest assured, either way – I’m going to “shoot” that bird.



Hildy said...

Not another gadget with a camera! Now I understand why some women wear a burqa. It's the only way to get any privacy any more.

Anonymous said...

Or used by a pedophile perpetrating as a birdwatcher at a playground...

Anonymous said...

You know, cameras can do the same thing, in capturing images of people. :C Every tool has the possibility to be exploited... from phone cameras to binoculars with cameras, to webcams, to baby cameras that are suppose to give you peace of mind while your baby sleeps, to hidden cameras that are supposed to make sure your babysitter isn't stealing, or hurting your baby, to motion sensors, to recording devices,m and so forth.

There is not a single piece of recording/monitoring technology that doesn't have the opportunity to be exploited by some skeevy jerk out there...

Now that description is pretty unfortunate, but there's no way to write about photographing birds without evoking imagery of women due to some unfortunate slang.... though that said, that's exactly the sort of thing a REAL birdwatcher--the feathery type-- would be interested in having. a lot of bird watching is about identifying birds. and what you see in a pair of binoculars might be a brief glimpse during which you try to remember exact markings and colorations in hopes of flipping through a guide later to try and figure out what type of bird it might have been. :)

what I really wanna know is.. what was sony thinking with that text?!