Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You're NOT Going to Believe This One

Sometimes people leave their medication in the grocery cart. Sometimes after that it disappears. But most of the time a friendly customer or a Goofmart employee will bring it back to the pharmacy.

It happened a few days ago. It was medication for some family members of a lady I know all too well...

Mrs. Tasker Gets Mad
Mrs. Tasker is Here Again

Imagine my surprise to open up the bag and see the name TASKER on the enclosed pharmacy literature. This couldn't be true... Mrs. Tasker would never make a mistake. Oh, but she has, and here it is in my hands.

Anyway, I do what I always do... I call the phone number we have on file. There was no answer, so I left a message asking them to call me.

Three days later Mrs. Tasker calls me, asking what I wanted to talk to her about.

"Are you missing anything at home?" I ask.

Mrs. Tasker reluctantly admits that some of their medication turned up missing. I tell her that it was turned in to the pharmacy by a friendly customer.

"I'll be right down to get it!" <click>

A few minutes later Mrs. Tasker appears. I hand her the bag with the medication in it. There are two bottles. I never bothered to look inside except to look at the labels and see who it belonged to. But Mrs. Tasker begins her inspection.

"This bottle has been opened," she states. I have no idea how she could possibly know that unless she has some super human powers I'm unaware of. Then she said it...

"Did YOU count the medication in these bottles?"

I'm aghast. First of all, the medication was purchased and left the pharmacy. From that point whatever happened to it had nothing to do with me and AS A COURTESY we called her to let her know to come down and get it. I assume since it was turned in no one opened the bottles.

I quietly go get a counting tray. In front of Mrs. Tasker I count the medication from both bottles. All medication is there. Then I compare the medication to what we have in stock. It all checks out. No one had taken any of of the medication or somehow switched it with another medication.

Mrs. Tasker takes the medication and leaves. At NO POINT did she say "Thank you" or give any indication that she was appreciative of the efforts of anyone who returned the medication or that I called her. Nothing. Not one peep. Not one word. Nothing.

You have no idea how much I want to swear about this incident. No idea.


Hildy said...

Karma will get her (or her servers the next time she goes out to eat).

Eight said...

Ouch. It'll get back to her.

CrayonEater said...

I hate to use this word-but she really is a Bitch.

[[Del.A.No]] said...

Next time she leaves it and someone brings it back. Don't call her. Put it in the HIPPA bin and forget about it. Let her pay again for the refill she needs. People like her are the worst.