Friday, December 20, 2013

GADGET FRIDAY: Pop-out OUTLET, Cool Gadget!

We all have come across the issue of not having enough outlets, or them not being in a convenient location. We get power strips, extension cords, and try to find ways to get as much as we can out of them. However, when they’re not being used, the outlets aren’t very…pretty. This is a very small thing in comparison to your entire home, but for those who are a little more nit-picky about small details, you might want a better way to conceal outlets when they’re not in use.

The Legrand Adorn Pop-Out Outlet will let you hide this commonly used item in plain sight. It’s very simple to install, and looks very sleek once it’s in place. Simply push it like a button to bring three outlets out of the wall, and push it back in when you’re through with business. There is a white or a black color option depending on the style of your home.

While this is quite nifty, there are a few annoyances that might come with this. Bumping into it because it’s not flush with the wall, and it being depressed by accident and jutting out. They are a tad expensive at around $40-50 a pop, so they’re likely only meant for outlets that are out in the open. It’s certainly a frivolous purchase, but the little details can always add so much to decorum. If nothing else, you would have three outlets at your immediate disposal rather than two.


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