Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Laws No Longer Apply to the Elderly?

A man in his 70s brings in a prescription for Nucynta 100mg. He has no insurance, he explains, but his wife does. The technician tells him we have a discount card we can try, but instead the man tells my technician:

"Just pretend it is under my wife's name and run it on her insurance," he says.

"We can't do that," she says. "It's your prescription."

"Let me talk to your pharmacist," he says.

I go up to the window.

"I don't have insurance and I know this is expensive. Just run it under my wife's name like it is her prescription so the insurance will cover it for me."

"I can't do that," I tell him, "this prescription is for you, not your wife."

He yanks the prescription back out of my hands.

"I'm going to talk to your store manager!" he says, disgusted, trotting off.

Unless the law has changed significantly in the last year, I'm fairly confident I'm safe on this one. 

I'll bet he still gets a gift card though.


Pharmaciststeve said...

Nothing illegal until you get caught at doing it - this is normal corporate S.O.P.

was1 said...

@pharmaciststeve... its illegal whether you get caught or not. you need an integrity check.

Trauma CCRN with a ❤️ said...

Easy, kids. The world is not black and white, unfortunately. It's grey, and more than 50 shades of it, unfortunately. I can't save lives in Africa because I can't get 3 months at a time of 2 schedule IIs while working with Drs without Borders to take with me before I go to a remote desert. Sometimes the rules need a reality check.

Unknown said...

FACETIOUS? OMG I hope so. Hard to read sarcasm when not hearing your delivery.
I HAVE heard this request before and I think it's FUNNY that the Old Guy thinks this might work.
Oh crap, now I have anxiety as I have to get ready to leave for another day at the Funny Pharm.