Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stop by for a Flu Shot ANYTIME

No need to make an appointment!

Who cares if it is Monday and the pharmacy is really busy? You don't need an appointment. Just drop on by and get a flu shot, anytime!

And along with that there is some crazy idea that you don't have to wait either...

Today we had a noon time rush. That happens a lot. Streams of people come in with fistfuls of prescriptions in their hands. Today one lady dropped off ten prescriptions for her and husband, almost all of which were controlled substances which require extra work. Then a lady dropped off two more for her boss, both controlled substances, followed by a third lady anxious to get the three prescriptions we had on the computer. "I just left my doctor's office. He said he emailed them over." So basically I now have three patients who all want their prescriptions ASAP.

I'm about half-way done with the first batch when a lady appears wanting a flu shot. The technician processes the claim, collects payment, and tells the lady to wait in the waiting room. "It will be a few minutes, we're working on some prescriptions that came in just before you did," she tells her.

The tech and I bust our humps to get the prescriptions filled and ready to pick up. I go draw up a syringe and I'm headed toward the waiting room when the lady walks out of the waiting room, slamming the door as she leaves. She looks directly at me and spurts out, "HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE?! I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!"

From the moment she paid for the shot and when she slammed the waiting room door a total of TEN MINUTES had passed. Ten FREAKING minutes!

This is an outrage. Any pharmacy chain, grocer, stand alone pharmacy -- all of you out there, STOP TELLING PEOPLE they can get their flu shot ANYTIME. Please give us courtesy and treat your pharmacists and technicians like health care professionals. 

Can you imagine someone stepping out of a waiting room at a doctor's office after TEN minutes and doing the same thing? No, because doctors are treated with respect as healthcare professionals. Why are pharmacists any different?


Blindhawg said...

Flu Shot? You're supposed to sigh me up for my free Medicare part D plan. Here's my card, I'm going to pick up a few things. I used to get my prescriptions filled here before I started using that mail order pharmacy. Just look it up in that computer thingy!

Anonymous said...

Doctor speaking here...we definitely DO NOT get treated with any more respect just because we are doctors. I can't even begin to tell you how many people show up 20minutes late for an appointment and then are mad that they have to wait because I went on to the next patient...who was on time. Every. Damn. Day.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the patients who are on time and patient... SCREW YOU, FLU SHOT LADY!

Anonymous said...

Veterinarian here....we definitely don't get treated with respect. I swear some people thing medical treatment can be administered "drive thru" style. 10 minute wait for a procedure? That's unacceptable to some clients. What happened to the days when medical professionals (or anyone for that matter) were treated with respect, courtesy, and kindness??

Anonymous said...

Drive thru..... I kid you not. Had a customer upset because I wouldn't administer a flu shot through the drive thru window!!!