Monday, December 16, 2013

What Retail Pharmacy has Done to ME

In my state, a patient needs a doctor's prescription to get a Shingles shot under age 50...

Lady, face covered with ice cream, holding an ice cream cone, comes up to the window.

"My doctor said I should get a Shingles shot today. My aunt has Shingles right now so my doctor said I should get the shot right away."

I think about all the things wrong with that statement, but there's no use in trying to argue with her about it.

"How old are you?" I ask.

"I'm 47." A drop of Rocky Road ice cream drips off the cone and zooms to the floor.

"We'll need a prescription from you doctor. Would you like us to contact him or her?"

"No, I'll go get a prescription."

Five minutes later she's back but on her cell phone. The cell phone is now covered in sticky ice cream. All I can think is that she better not try to hand me that cell phone to talk to her doctor.

I overhear here say, "The pharmacist guy says I need a prescription. Ok, I'll get your a fax number. What's your fax number?" she says, looking at me.

I give her Mickey's business card. I no longer keep business cards with my name on them at the register. Complaints against me dropped dramatically.

"Ok, here's the number... It's 555-5555."


"Oh? Really? Ok, I'll do that then."

<click> she hangs up.

"My doctor says if I go to <competitor across the street> then I won't need a prescription. I'll just go over there and get it."

"Ok," I say, relieved. In my head, I'm thinking... YES!

Across the street isn't in another state, nor does our competitor have a walk-in clinic with a prescriber. She's out of my hair (or at least my balding head) and in for a big surprise when she gets there, but it will be their problem now and not mine. She can go spill ice cream on their floor.

<phew> I do a happy little dance in my head.


Anonymous said...

"Well actually, ma'am, if you just go to your doctor's office the shot will be free. They bill insurance differently than the pharmacy does and there will be no copay for either the shot or the visit. Tell them your pharmacist said so."

Anonymous said...

Well said!