Friday, February 21, 2014

GADGET FRIDAY: Pill Reminder

Staying on a good regimen of vitamins or needed medical prescriptions can be very difficult. It’s one more tiny thing to remember in a day, and while taking it with breakfast seems like a great idea, there are always those days we skip eating because we’re running late. Usually one of the last things you do before running out the door is brushing your teeth, because no one wants to sniff on some bad breath.

Instead of putting your pills next to your toothbrush, why not rig it so that your toothbrush will remind you to take your meds? The Pill Reminder is a simple idea, and might just make your life a lot easier. This system places your prescription behind your toothbrush, and as you pull your toothbrush away, your pills will pop up and that will act as your reminder.

There are of course, a few issues with this system. Even though it’s easy to install, it does have a size limit for both the handle of the the toothbrush and the container for the pills. That being said, you’d have to spend $27 on this contraption, and more on a different container that will hold your pills if they’re loose. Another problem is that not all pills are tiny, and if you have to take medicine that looks as though it was actually intended for a horse, it’s certainly not going to work with this. While it’s a swell idea, it is a bit of a niche product as it’s not going to suit everyone’s needs.


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