Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top Sales in 2013 ~ by Sales

Top Sales by Retail Price

1 Oxycontin 40mg
2 Advair 250/50
3 Nexium 40mg
4 Crestor 10mg
5 Celebrex 200mg
6 Aciphex 20mg
7 Lantus 100U/ml
8 Exalgo 16mg
9 Lidoderm 5% patch
10 Androgel Pump 1.62%
11 Provigil 100mg
12 Cymbalta 60mg
13 Abilify 5mg
14 Solodyn 55mg
15 Oxycontin 20mg
16 Spiriva Handihlr
17 Frova 2.5mg
18 Viagra 100mg
19 Asacol HD 800mg
20 Zostavax

*Interesting note... we have ONE patient on Exalgo 16mg and ONE patient on Frova 2.5mg. Both patients had an extensive prior authorization process (see PRIOR AUTHORIZATION). As mentioned, the Frova represents ONE patient, but he takes it every single day. How a prior authorization for this was obtained I'll never know. Exalgo is hugely expensive and she gets large quantities paid for by Medicaid at taxpayer expense. 

1 comment:

Star said...

I'm really surprised to see Asacol on here. As a Crohns patient, I thought Asacol was out of vogue and Pentasa and Lialda were in. I thought Lialda was introduced because Asacol's patent ran out and it was going to finally be reasonably priced.

Also, any idea why the price of Lantus keeps going up so much. You would probably mock me if I was your customer but I buy Lantus for my diabetic cat - out of pocket.