Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let ME Speak to the Pharmacist

It happens every day.

Ring... ring... ring...

Tech answers phone, "Thank you for calling Goofmart Pharmacy. This is Super Tech. How may I help you?"

"I need to talk to the pharmacist."

"Please hold for a moment."

Super Tech tells me that I have a phone call waiting.

"Hello, thanks for holding, how may I help you?"

"Yes, I need a refill. The number is 7939439."

Every damn day.

ATTENTION PATIENTS: You do NOT need to talk to the pharmacist to order a refill on your prescription. You can ask anyone who answers the phone. You don't even need to talk to anyone. You can use your phone's keypad to enter the prescription number. You used that same keypad to phone the pharmacy so I know you know how to use it.

You DO NOT need to talk to the chef to order a steak. You know this. You DO NOT need to talk to the Doctor to make an appointment. You know this. You DO NOT need to talk to the cab driver to get a cab. You know this.

So WHY do you think you need to talk to the pharmacist to ask for your refill? Why? Why? Why?


Officer Cynical said...

Or, you can go on line, order the refill, and even enter when you want to pick it up. I do it every month at Great Big Pharmacy for my Smegmastatin. The only thing they don't do is deliver it.

iratecanadianpharmacist said...

Or better yet, the older clients who ask for the chemist and then ask 'how do I get rid of the ants/mice/random stain' question

pharmaciststeve said...

This is yet another example of how we fail to educate pts of what to expect from our system... When I run into such a situation.. I would tell the pt.. "the tech handles refills..please hold on..." put them back on hold.. or instruct the tech to ask.. when they ask to speak to the RPH.. are you calling in a refill ? If they say .. no.. and then proceed to want to give you a refill.. refer to process one..

Anonymous said...

That is why I tell them my tech enters refill requests. Please hold for the tech. I also make people who come to the counseling window to drop off rxs get in line. If you don't have a question you don't need to be at my counseling window! It's all about training the customer. I don't let them get away with asking for the rph every time if it isn't something only I can handle.

real drug store said...

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