Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Instant Delivery

A few years ago when my youngest son was about five years old, he pestered me to bid on and buy something on eBay. At the time I enjoyed bidding on various pharmacy items and he wanted in on the action. His idea was to get a Pirates of the Caribbean poster for his room.

So we reviewed the options online and finally he chose a poster that met his requirements. I don't know what requirements run through a five-year-old's mind but he found one he liked. The auction was ending soon and the price was right so we bid and won.

He watched as I completed payment with PayPal. I said, "Ok, it's on the way."

My son, excited, immediately went to the front door, opened it, and looked for the item. In his little five-year-old mind, he thought that when you purchased something online it was truly delivered right away. After an explanation of how it all worked, he remained undaunted and checked the front door periodically over the next several days until his poster finally arrived.

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Anonymous said...

Pervasively, in the modern business world, there's an expectation that if something is done through a computer, the *humans* must do *their* work instantaneously too.