Thursday, May 29, 2014

Answer the Phone, Pill Boy

You might remember the star of the show in "But they FELL into my Cereal..." ~ the story of Mrs. Norco... who needed an entirely new bottle of Norco because a few supposedly fell into her cereal milk. If this is a new story to you, here's the LINK.

Today Mrs. Norco called and asked me to refill her Celebrex. She said her mother was at the Subway next door and it was convenient for her mom to stop and get it since she's close by.

Mrs. Norco then made the very unflattering statement, "You must has been working yesterday. I knows because I done called and the phone just rang and rang and rang. I've been in the store and has seen youse not answer the phone." [misspellings & grammar is hers, not mine]

Both the manager and I have our own policy that when we're alone and overwhelmed with people in line, people at the register, and have waiters for medication, the phone gets sacrificed. 

I replied, "No, Mrs. Norco, I was off yesterday afternoon. We don't answer the phone when we're overwhelmed with business, which must have been the case with Mickey."

"Well I's be needin' my Celebrex. Momma will be in to get it for me."

And since Mrs. Norco thinks she's amazingly observant, let me tell you what I've observed:

Having "momma" come in and get her Celebrex is a monthly occurrence. Mrs. Norco or her husband come by and pick up everything else... but for some reason she sends "momma" in to get the Celebrex. Hmmmm... what could it be? I don't know. MAYBE because it has a $100 co-pay while all her other co-pays are $5?

When  Grandma Norco comes in to get the Celebrex, she pays with her own money. Maybe she does this to help her daughter. I don't know. After her trying to scheme her way into more Norco before, I'm not sure this is all on the up and up.

Another fun day at Goofmart Pharmacy... but when the phone rings, make sure you tell all the people waiting at the register they'll have to wait. It might be Mrs. Norco on the phone.


Anonymous said...

No, I'm guessing momma picks it up because even though its a $100 copay, its cheaper than what she'd have to pay since its really for herself and she'd have to pay cash. Its insurance fraud I bet

Anonymous said...

For the first time in my life, I actually almost spilled my medications down the sink drain. The cap wasn't fully closed and the pills just seemed to explode all over the bathroom. I still picked them up and didn't need replacements. But yes, pills can fall down the sink drain.

Shalom said...

This is where you say "Thank G_d for Caller ID."