Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Journey of Laughter Begins Now

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Hildy said...

Regarding the Pita Pit item: I was in a long and slow line at a deli planning to buy lunch. Because it was taking so long, I amused myself by reading the hand-written signs tacked up everywhere and noticed that the price board said a ham sandwich was $4.50 and french fries were $1.50, but a luncheon "Special" sign for a ham sandwich and french fries was $7. Either their customers couldn't do math or saw "special" and just assumed the price was less than when ordered separately. I was still about 15th in line when I realized they were charging more for the special, so I asked the counter person (loudly, I admit, since I was a distance from him) why they charged more for the special than for the two items separately? All 14 people in line looked at me in consternation and the deli owner asked me to leave.