Monday, November 23, 2015

Inventions by Doctors

The vast majority of doctors, nurses, and other prescribers have a complete handle on the medications they prescribe for patients. To them we pharmacists are very thankful for making our jobs easier.

But then there are those that miss the mark a little, have something else in their head that day, or just have it completely wrong. Obviously the script above is for WELLBUTRIN, unless this is some new drug combination for Wellbutrin plus Valium that I'm not aware of. 

Anyway, ones like this are always a good laugh... but then we have to make that dreaded attempt to get it clarified. In most cases it is easier to send a man to Mars than it is to get a hold of a doctor on the phone

Other scripts can be downright scary, especially if the doctor meant to write for one drug when he/she meant to write something else different entirely. I've caught more of those than I care to admit.

Some of the more interesting drug names I've seen "prescribed" in recent years:

Vicodin #4 (The doc meant Tylenol #4)

Hydrocodocode (Hydrocodone)

Niagara (Seriously)

Fish Foil

"Synthroid without the additives" (whatever that means)

Doxycycline 500mg BID (more like OMG!)

Isosorbide Monodinitrate ER 300mg (Really -- wrong in so many ways)

So thank your pharmacist! Please!


Anonymous said...

I'm an MT and hear those a lot. My favorite is oxycarbamazepine. Wait until voice recognition takes over prescribing. I've seen and corrected Ditropan interpreted as Eliquis, Bacitracin in 1 application interpreted as bass a trace in 1 apple occasion b.i.d, rifaximin interpreted as right back and abdomen, and cephalosporin as cyclosporine. Be afraid, be very afraid.

TheLittleFlower said...

I got Bacitracin DS
T po bid x 10 days

Anonymous said...

Wellbutrin plus Valium might be very popular....yes! Valbutrin! ...I will tell my niece who works for Big Pharm...