Monday, November 16, 2015

What Happens when the Government is OUT of ORDER?

It's part electronic, part mechanical. As such, things wear out and break. Sometimes software stops working correctly. The screen is a touch screen. Sometimes that stops working. With all the people that use this FREE SERVICE, there's no doubt that it will malfunction on occasion.

Oh, but no, people get angry. EXTREMELY ANGRY that their FREE SERVICE isn't working right now. The anger is directed at pharmacists and technicians, of course. And all we can do is call The Authorities to put in a work order.

I found that a regular "Out of Order" sign just wasn't enough. People would see the sign and still come to either tell us the machine isn't working (which we know, because we put up the sign) or to ask us when it is going to be fixed (like we can possibly know that).

So I decided to start using this sign. It's stopped people from bugging us. For now...

Imagine though... what the growing populace of people who get free healthcare and welfare are going to do when the government really does run out of "other people's money." There will be mass hysteria and riots. No free food? No free narcs? Obama's stash has run out? Oh forbid! 

Be prepared, people. It's coming.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you've seen the Neil Cavuto bit where he questions the poor, misguided young lady who thinks the 1% should pay upwards of 90, even 100% of their taxes so that college education can be free and student loans forgiven. Do yourself a service and spend a few minutes watching it, I am certainly you'll enjoy it. Unfortunately, this is the same young lady who also probably thinks her healthcare and medicines should be free, and "the rich" should have to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

AMEN (both to the post and Anon's comment)

Anonymous said...

Though you are at times hilarious, I must say that you have taught me much about why the Wagmart in OUR town, ( but not the Wagmart in Snooty Park, which is a mile away) is so slow to fill scripts for several drugs I am taking , ( things like Sulfasalazine and generic hyzaar and prednisone, hello, no C 2s!) scripts that I have been filling there for 6 years....(.even when I put in for legit refills 5 or 6 days in advance.) I SEE now that the reason you are so SLOW is that you are all hanging out in the back, typing snarky stuff making fun of me on your blog!