Monday, January 4, 2016

Super Heroes are Among Us

Pharmacists are super heroes.

Why do I say that? Because the things people expect from the pharmacy indicates, without a doubt, that pharmacists and technicians must be super heroes.

Example 1:

A lady wants to get a prescription filled. She has Medicare Part D but doesn't have her card. Flynn knows an awesome trick to look up her info using our database, but we still have to have her name and address (as they appear in the database records) in order to look her up Medicare info.

The lady doesn't know her own address. Flynn explains that we need that to get anywhere. The lady expects us, as super heroes, to produce that information out of thin air. She then proceeds to get mad at us when we don't know it.

Example 2:

We fill a prescription for another lady. She picks up the medication and leaves. Moments later she returns to the pharmacy.

"I want NON safety caps. No one but children can open these," she says, defiantly.

I open the bottle for her to show her than adults can indeed open the safety caps on a bottle.

"YOU should have KNOWN that I wouldn't be able to open that bottle," she belts out.

Example 3: 

A lady is passing by the pharmacy looking perplexed and confused.

"Does your grocery have a gluten-free section?" she asks.

I turn to Flynn. He shrugs his shoulders. I respond, "I don't know if the store does or not. Maybe I could get a manager to..."

She cuts me off.

"You know, you would think..."

She looks me up and down.

"...that SOMEONE in the PHARMACY would know SOMETHING about GLUTEN!" 

She then storms off in another direction.

A super hero would have known.


jbt369 said...

"Yes ma'am, I do know something about gluten. It's a naturally occurring protein in things like bread, and it's the bit that makes the bread all poofy when the CO2 gets produced from fermentation. I know that it's harmless for most people. I also know that presently there is a anti-gluten fad going around, and apparently you've caught it. There is an anti-gluten space in the store, and you'll find it full of fruit and vegetables."

MKB said...

Oh, you must have celiac disease...