Tuesday, January 19, 2016

You can't Fight Stupid

Recently my pharmacy had a visit from Mr. D-A-W. He came by to tell me his doctor was faxing in a prescription for Percocet and that we needed to order the brand for him.

I understand that in different states the laws may vary on this situation, but in my state, you may:

* Call in or fax a C2 script in an emergency situation or for a patient in hospice BUT you must follow up with a hard copy within three days.


* Send an e-Script for a C2 controlled substance once you're approved by the Board of Pharmacy for e-Prescribing.

I explained to Mr. D-A-W that I would order the Percocet, but he would need to go by his doctor's office and get a hard copy script for the med. I explained the difference between C2 and C3-C5 scripts. I told him the law was very clear on the matter.

Mr. D-A-W argued with me. He said he had just been at the doctor's office and that they were going to go fax over the prescription. I tried to explain the situation to Mr. D-A-W, but he protested further. I said his doctor should know the law and since he didn't that I would call the office and explain it to them.

"Oh, no, don't do that," Mr. D-A-W replied. 

Maybe he was feeling like maybe I was right on the situation but just didn't want to admit it. I don't know.

And now for the best part... when Mr. D-A-W returned a few days later with a hard copy C2 prescription for Percocet, he told me that the doctor's office personnel were all surprised about the situation and told him that I was full of baloney.

I just shook my head and filled the prescription. Sometimes you just can't fight stupid. That's your lesson for today: Sometimes you just can't fight stupid.

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