Monday, May 2, 2016

That's All, Folks!

A few weeks ago I got into a bit of a Twitter snarl with another Twitter enthusiast. It seems she took issue with my daily posting of one-line quips with the hashtag #WhyYourPharmacistHatesYou. Her basic message to me was: "I've been in social work for 33 years. You should never say you hate anyone. Social media should only be used for positive messages. I love all my patients." In fact, she further made it seem like expressing anything but the bubbling over of fairies and roses suggests that I'm not a true healthcare worker. I was tempted to tweet "Mind your own business lady" but then I thought about it... she's right.

So that's it. THIS WILL BE MY LAST BLOG POST. Obviously if social media was only meant to express harmony and happiness, according to her (being the expert on health care), then I'll need to stop this blog right away.

Sarcasm and freedom of speech will not be tolerated in the new world order of the 1984 doublespeak. I intend to check myself in to a rehabilitation camp right away so that I may be reprogrammed via electrode shock therapy to express only joy and peace in my writings. 

Your Crazy RxMan will no longer be crazy, mean, sarcastic, or cynical. No more posting disappointing and/or aggravating stories about how pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are treated like minions by management, prescribers, and patients. Oh no... I'll be Happy RxMan and will only post happy fun Tweets and Facebook posts of kittens playing with yarn balls and patients getting anything they want, whenever they want, because it just wouldn't be right to deny anyone anything in the new world order. I might be so happy that in my spare time I'll only have time to chase butterflies and puppies. We'll have to see.

Effective immediately: Goodbye cynical, sarcastic Crazy RxMan. Hello Happy Fun RxMan. All will be right with the world.


Unknown said...

Being in a related retail/health field, I'll miss cynical RxMan. He says all those things I WISH I could say. If we all plead REALLY loud, can ya PLEASE come back???????

Matt M said...

Well, that was great while it lasted. Only the good die young.

I treat my pharmacy a little better, having read what it is like to for you to serve your customers.


Hildy said...

Pollyannas IN ANY FIELD are ignorant, annoying, uninteresting, unrealistic and, in a less enlightened society, would be shot at sunrise. Ignore the idiot and keep posting as you do. And feel free to tell her what I just said.

Ms. Donna said...


Anonymous said...

As usual, one jackass ruins things for those of us with senses of humor and positive IQs.

Anonymous said...

My world just got a little darker.

Anonymous said...

Oh please-tell her to go troll the political twitter sites. Maybe she can get them all to play nicely. You keep doing what you are doing. As a retired RN I am totally on board with YOUR view of life in healthcare.

Anonymous said...

We'll all miss you Crazy RxMan. Thanks for the previous great stories!

Anonymous said...

This better be a May Fool's Day joke.

Anonymous said...

Noooo!! I may care about my patients, but love is a little extreme. Please know you will be missed. Very missed

Anonymous said...

Please don't go!! I love to read your posts.

Also in health care, and it's re-assuring to know I'm not the only one who gets fed up with the entitled idiots who present to the desk.

Please re-consider, tell the social worker to go screw herself! and yes, I'm a woman.

As Mrs. Caesar said to her hubby , I told him, Julie, don't go!!
(A little Wayne & Shuster there)

technorantia said...

Now what's the bet our social worker was a liberal? Anyone?

LaureLeeMD said...

Can't believe you're caving to an Internet idiot!!! If she doesn't get your tongue in cheek humor that is her problem. She needs to go fly a kite and you need to do what you do best- telling your truth!!!

Unknown said...

Drug Monkey, Pharmacy Chick and now Crazy RxMan. Phuck me. The Interwebs has gotten a little darker. The best burn bright then fizzle out. Doctor Grumpy better not let me down. RIP Crazy.

Anonymous said...


paxillated, who thinks she'll be reading you tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Ugh, these overly sensitive, over emotional, kumbaya, save the world types drive me crazy.

How dare she assume that she has the right to tell you how you should behave? How dare she assume that her sheltered and limited worldview is somehow better than yours?

Oh wait, she's a social worker on the ass-end of her career. She's most likely forced herself to forget just how hellish a social worker's life can actually be. Either that or she's on so many different psychotropic medications that her worldview is clouded by the likes of high dose antidepressants, mood stabilizers, amphetamines and benzos.

Ok. This is for all you optimistic, glass half full types.

Reality is harsh. Reality is cruel. Reality sucks.

If I choose to observe reality and comment on it occasionally, then so be it. Don't fucking tell me I need to mold my POV to match yours.

Anonymous said...

Fun story.

I have a rule to never discuss politics and/or religion with people I don't know very well. That includes making comments on social media.

I had a weak moment and poked fun at a post a friend had made recently. Basically, it was glorifying a very wealthy celebrity for taking sides in the upcoming presidential race. The gist of my comment was that I simply had a hard time taking her seriously because she had more money than jeebus.

Holy. Crap. Balls. The floodgates opened.

I suddenly found myself under attack from an anonymous person who decided she knew who I was based on that one sarcastic comment. Suddenly, I was an anti-feminist, gun-loving (no idea where that came from), xenophobic (wtf? I'm a minority from an immigrant family), and anti-intellectual (um, please, I hate dumb 'muricans just as much as the next guy). The public replies to my comments were unpleasant. The PM's were... well, lets just say I didn't know people could be so cruel.

When the dust cleared, my friend told me that my poor opinion of super-wealthy celebrities had been misinterpreted as a political opinion. As such, in an over-emotional, passive-aggressive vent, I had been selected as the target of her frustrations. The person that did not know me had decided to 'make an example of me.'

I do not engage in public debate with people like that. I do not need to explain myself to people that have already made up their mind about who I am based on little or no information. I will not discuss complicated topics with people who 'educate' themselves from cable news outlets. I do not need to apologize for my own personal opinions whatever they may be. I should not need to change simply because a few butthurt millenials had their feelings bruised.

I replied once, to try and explain to her my sense of humor (poorly received, I might add), then deleted my comments.

I used to care about how other people perceived me, even strangers.

I no longer care. They can all go play in traffic.