Saturday, July 9, 2016

Omniscient Expectations

It doesn't matter that there have been several complaints about the floater technician we sent to your pharmacy. It doesn't matter that you're clearly a very busy pharmacy and it was extremely busy at the time the "incident" occurred.

You're at fault, pharmacist. It's YOUR fault because you're the pharmacist in charge.

It doesn't matter that you filled two prescriptions for a patient and handed the filled prescriptions DIRECTLY to the floater tech, who then walked them over to the register, rung them up, put them in a bag, and then for reasons unknown turned around, grabbed a third prescription for Norco that was NOT for the patient and also put it in the bag.

It doesn't matter that the floater technician was acutally the one that typed up the TWO prescriptions for that patient and filled them, thus indicating that he should have had some level of familiarity that there were only TWO prescriptions for that patient, which you checked and handed directly back to him.

You see, you were the pharmacist in charge, and you're responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in the pharmacy, everywhere. It doesn't matter that we've remodeled the pharmacy to the extent that you couldn't possibly be everywhere or see everything that happens in the pharmacy all at the same time. It's still your fault.

We expect you to be omniscient. We expect god-like behavior from you at all times. You should not only be filling and checking prescriptions but you should somehow know everything the floater technician does at all times. 

So here, sign yet another warning letter. If you continue this poor behavior of not knowing everything that's going on in every corner of the pharmacy at all times, we will have to terminate you and bring in someone who can.

~The Authorities

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Anonymous said...

Are they going to pay you a godlike salary? That's what I want to know.