Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why did you ask me?

"How may I help you?" I ask.

"We're from out of town. My daughter has a rash."

I look at her daughter. She clearly has a case of urticaria. Mom tells me that it must be from a new necklace she was wearing.

Now I'm not a prescribing physician, but it is clearly just a typical little textbook rash.

I recommend an antihistamine.

Mom looks at me. "Are you sure that's what you want to recommend?"

Sensing a quibble, I tell her that there is an Urgent Care on across the street and she should take her daughter there.

"Oh no, I trust your judgment. Absolutely."

Once again I recommend an antihistamine.

"Are you sure?"

Please, someone, somewhere, euthanize me.


Liz Harris said...

As I was picking up my script the other day, an elderly woman cut the line to ask the tech if gummy-bear vitamins worked as well as tablets. He assured her that they did (while scratching his head and looking around wildly).

She said "Are you sure?" The tech leaned forward authoritatively and in a rather booming voice: "Yes ma'am" She grabbed the gummies and left. The tech apologized to me for the wait.

Unknown said...

Some people just deserve to have you walk away from them without uttering another word. She was one of them. The daughter will grow up to be one of them. The future time of Soylent Green can't get here soon enough.