Monday, November 7, 2016

They See Me Eye-Rolling... They Hatin'

A family of four finds their way to the pharmacy for a flu shot on a fine Sunday afternoon.

"Have you been here before?" I ask. If they're already in the computer that's a big plus for the pharmacy.

"Yes. We all had our flu shots here last year."

I get the guy's name and date of birth. I type his last name into the computer. I have no one with that name in the computer.

Having been down this road before and knowing that one, I don't hear well, and two, I'm crazy, I ask for the guy's information again.

Eye roll number one.

He gives me his info again. It's not there. At this point I'm not surprised. People get us mixed up with Wagmart next door and Flea Circus Drugs across the street all the time.

"Are you sure it was THIS location?" I ask him. "People get us mixed up with the other two pharmacies all the time."

Eye roll number two.

"I got my flu shot RIGHT HERE, LAST YEAR," he says, angrily.

I'm not going to argue with him. I start entering him as a new patient on the computer. Now here's the fun part of about Goofmart computers... don't ask me how. Don't ask me why, but sometimes when you enter a patient name for some reason nothing comes up. Then when you try to add them in as a new patient it pulls up a duplicate listing for the patient you were trying to look up. It's like the computer decides, "Oh, did you mean this guy?"

Which is precisely what happened with Mr. Eye-Roller. Even with that knowledge, he did NOT get a flu shot at my location, but rather another Goofmart location ten miles away on Elm Street.

"I was able to find you on the computer..." I start to say...

Eye roll number three

I can see a vein starting to bulge in his neck as he's about to burst.

"But you've never been to MY location. You had a flu shot last November at Goofmart on Elm Street."

"Oh," he replies.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.


Zed said...

That eye rolling could have really escalated but honestly though I applaud your strength.

Unknown said...

I ALSO must use a passive aggressive answer just to say OUT LOUD THAT I AM RIGHT.
Then, I think you should use one of your "Flu Shot gag lines" ESPECIALLY on him.
WHOOPS, I just used that syringe on my last patient. Let me get another. Two shots won't kill you. Wouldn't you LOVE to say that just once?