Monday, February 13, 2017

Qualifications to become a Drug Rep

Apparently there are no qualifications required to be a drug representative. Or at least from my perspective, intelligence isn't required. 

It's MONDAY. Things are CRAZY at a retail pharmacy on MONDAY. Everyone knows this. And if you don't know it you can certainly see it. Basically it's like a room full of monkeys throwing excrement everywhere. At least that's what it feels like. It's one big multi-tasking fest of epic proportions. If you really don't know why, see HERE.

And yet, with all the excrement flying everywhere, there he is... a drug rep asking to speak with the pharmacist. He's just so excited about this new drug that he couldn't wait to tell me. That's what he said. Seriously.

He started in on his delivery, probably practiced several times the night before in front of his mirror. I just stared, waiting for him to pause. And then he finally paused.

"Seriously?" I asked. A handful of poo flies by both of us, nearly hitting us. "You really came into the pharmacy on MONDAY?" 

"But I was just so excited to share this great news," he started to say as I walked away. Another pile of poo flies through the air and hits him square in the face. 

At least that's what I pictured in my mind.


sfachine said...

We all gotta make a living,including drug reps.

Anonymous said...

Everybody has a job to do, including sales reps. It's entirely possible this person had no clue visiting on Mondays was a no go. The right thing to do is to politely tell the sales rep that you are busy and do not have time to listen to a sales pitch; then give them a time when you think you will be less busy. If the sales rep insists on infringing on your hectic schedule then show them the door - you have a job to do as well.

getahobby said...
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getahobby said...

Leave your card and ask when a good time is to come back

Anonymous said...

Bring food if you want to get the attention of the pharmacy staff.......just sayin'

Pharm.Tech RDC'06