Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Are You Sure?

Most every day I get a request from a patient for something we don't stock at Goofmart Pharmacy. After being here several years I'm pretty good at knowing what we stock and what we don't. Why we don't carry some particular items is unknown to me, but for most things pharmacy-related I know if we carry them and where they are.

But every day it happens...

"Do you have Sponkinnygoob?"

"No, we don't have that. I think you can find that at Weed Grocers down by the mall."

And then I hear it next...

"Are YOU sure?"

No, lady, I just turned away business from the pharmacy because I didn't like your hair or your shoes or both. I don't want your business here because if I don't sell you anything or the people that come up next, or the ones after that, then eventually Goofmart Grocers will go belly-up and I'll be out of a job. That's exactly what I want, lady, so no, I don't have any Sponkinnygoob. 

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