Saturday, May 27, 2017

Prescription Writing Follies

Dear Prescriber,

Let's take a look at a recent prescription from your office:

Here's a few thoughts.

* Maybe if so much space wasn't taken up by your kickback prescription discount nonsense you'd have more room to write a prescription?

* Your handwriting sucks. Seriously, are you a third-grader?

* You've put a controlled substance on the same prescription blank as a non-controlled substance. You do know that in our state this a no-no, right?

* Are we labeling or not? You didn't check the box and I'll bet you never do. How about you get rid of that too for more room to write?

* Almost 25% of the prescription space is delegated to your name, office, address, etc. I'm sure your parents are very proud of you but you don't need to show your pride in yourself with every prescription.

* If this was handed in for a school project, you'd get an F.

I think you can do better. Do it for your patient's sake.


Every Pharmacist, everywhere

P.S. Here's some stuff for you to further consider:

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Anonymous said...

And I bet it was also missing the special suboxone dea number, too.