Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ignore the Customer to Maximize Sales

Last week we had some corporate people, The Authorities... about six of them, fussing over the protein supplements like Ensure. These supplements are on a smaller aisle that's hard to get through and with the six of them crowding the aisle it was an area to avoid.

All of them ignored a little old lady that was trying to get some Ensure for herself. She didn't try to interrupt them but they didn't even bother to move or act like she even existed. It was pretty obvious she was there but they all ignored her. I was stunned at how they're obviously here to do something to improve sales while ignoring the customer. 

I was busy and got distracted with something else but the next time I looked up she was trying to get in the aisle from the other side with the same issue. At that point I sent a technician out to help her. The corporate people acted put out because they had to move.

And these are the people that bark at us if someone doesn't get helped within 1.5 minutes after stepping up to the counter.


Anonymous said...

i would have called them out on it.

tbunni said...

This is why I look forward to being a little old lady (already well on my way there.) I look little and sweet and innocent...until I open my mouth. Then I say all the things you'd love to say, but can't, because they'd fire your ass.

In this case: 'Excuse me, are you from Goofmart Headquarters? Yes? Then why the hell are you standing the middle of the aisle with your thumbs up your asses when a customer wants to buy something? Do you WANT us all to go to Other Store on Next Block?'

Oh, yes, and I'm a tad bit deaf, so I tend to speak very loudly.

58 years and counting....